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Performer of the Week
Soap Opera Digest, July 2, 2002
Article Provided by Carol

How do we love thee, Roxanne? Let us count the ways:

1) With that frazzled, electric-shock hair (which makes her head seem a tad too large atop that petite body), Ilene Kristen's Roxanne is immediately unique and unusual - a perfect visual gag. We totally buy that she'd win a drunk Max over in bed while being a horror to him during his sober, waking hours.

2) Her mastery of the food prop. Roxy presented new hubby Max with doughnut chunks the way other brides seduce with strawberries. She gnaws on whatever's handy (and takes a swig of whatever's in a bottle) without a care in the world for what dialogue she has to squeeze out between mouthfuls. It's funny, it's in character and it's brave of Kristen to be willing ot look ridiculous for the part.

3) With lines like: "I'm going to learn how to walk with a book balancing on my head. I'm going to get myself some good dicteration and the whole shebang" and how she wanted her wedding videotaped "for prosperity," Roxanne turns the English language into a heretofore undiscovered art form.

4) She's the most three-dimensional character on the show. Roxy is low-rent, but not stupid. Getting Max to sign that prenup proved that she has more on the ball than she'd like everyone to think. And she's just as easy to hate for treating one-time daughter Natalie like dirt as she is to love for being that rare combination: a funny anti-heroine. Her cruelty ("You're mean and nasty," she told Nat) is all the more real because she mostly seems to be having the time of her life.

Who says electric-shocked blondes don't have more fun?