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A touch of sass
TV Guide, July 21, 1990
by Michael Logan

Since its 1983 debut, ABC's Loving has been a show about...well, nothing. It has no focus and no style. But, at least temporarily, it has Ilene Kristen. As Norma, a Joan Blondell-style waitress from Brooklyn, Kristen hit the air last March for an intended two-month stay. Since then, her run has been extended several times. We don't begrudge Loving for landing this hysterical diva, but we do wonder why prime time hasn't snatched her up. "I can't figure it out either," says Kristen, who previously played OLTL's Georgina Whitman and, for nearly a decade, the ditzy Delia on Ryan's Hope. "But then, I'm still trying to figure out how I got on soaps. I'm the type who should be hosting one of those radio talk shows that hookers call at 2 A.M." But Kristen (below), who has moonlighted as a samba band singer and is currently developing scripts for a New York-based movie company, doesn't just put her eggs in one basket. "Ten years from now," she cracks, "I don't wanna wonder where my next acting job's coming from - I just wanna concentrate on where I'm getting my next face lift."