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Video Captures
Page One: Circa Summer 1990

Norma has witnessed the murder of Rick Alden and is consumed with guilt because she is keeping quiet, but she is afraid of what the real killer would do if she were to come forward and clear Stacey, who is on trial. Alex is sure that Norma is hiding something, and pesters her to tell the truth. Gwyn, Rick's mother and Norma's best friend, becomes convinced after seeing Norma's reaction to Alex's questioning that she is hiding something, and also demands that Norma tell the truth. Desperate, Norma takes an overdose of tranquilizers. She is found in time, and after coming to she sneaks out of the hospital to get away from all the people who are nagging her to come forward, but she runs into Stacey in the hospital waiting room and starts to feel even more guilty. While hiding out, Norma sees a psychic who predicts a grim future for her if she does not tell the truth. Norma goes to the district attorney and tells him that she saw Stacey kill Rick, so that he will give her immunity in exchange for her testimony. On the stand, however, Norma reveals that a financially ruined Rick and Denny conspired to kidnap Rick's (and Stacey's) infant daughter Heather to get ransom money from Rick's family, and that Denny conned Norma into babysitting Heather during the kidnapping. The judge calls a recess before Norma can reveal that Denny killed Rick, however.