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Video Captures
Page Two: Circa Fall 1990

Gwyn is pissed at Norma, but the prosecutor has urged her to suck up to her one-time friend until she finishes testifying against Stacey, whom Gwyn is determined to send to prison, as she has told anyone willing to listen ad infinitum. Gwyn tries to keep Norma from getting drunk the night before testifying, but then Norma spots Denny hiding in her apartment and rushes Gwyn out of there before he can hurt them. Norma does not alert the police to the intruder, for some reason, and comes back to the apartment and goes to sleep, but somehow Alex busts in and arrests Denny as he is trying to kill Norma. The next day, Norma testifies to the fact that Denny killed Rick and framed Stacey, and Stacey is exonerated. Norma goes home and cries because she does not think she has any friends left in town, but Stacey's mother brings Heather to Norma's apartment because she figured she could use a friend. Some time later, Norma - hoping to get back on Gwyn's good side - visits Denny in jail to ask him if Dane Hammond was involved in the kidnapping. Denny threatens to kill her, and Norma later faints in the lobby of her building when she sees a man who looks exactly like Denny. "Denny" is disappointed that Norma has not died of shock, and runs off. Norma comes to and tells her story to Gwyn, who has apparently completely forgiven Norma for helping to kidnap her granddaughter, but who thinks Norma is seeing things after they call the prison and confirm that Denny has not escaped. Later, Norma finds "Denny" having hung himself in her apartment, but when she tries to stab him to make sure he is really dead, he kicks her and runs off. Norma becomes a nervous wreck, afraid for her life.