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Video Captures
Page Three: Circa Fall 1990

Norma begins to suspect that the only way Denny could be torturing her as he has been while still in prison would be via supernatural means, so she attempts to conduct an exorcism to rid her apartment of Denny's spirit. "Denny" takes the opportunity to set the place on fire with all of the candles Norma is using for the ceremony. Norma puts the fire out in time, though, and the next day, she becomes convinced after reading an occult book that "Denny" is an incubus, and that the only way to get rid of him is to have sex with him, after which he will vanish into thin air. Norma finds "Denny" on her doorstep after he has accidentally drugged himself with the chloroform he had intended to use in his latest attempt to kill her, and is able to have her way with him. The next morning, however, she disappointedly shows Gwyn that the incubus has not yet disappeared as the book said he would (for some reason, Gwyn does not find it odd that Norma's incubus looks suspiciously like her son's murderer, even after Norma has been insisting on that point for weeks). Later, "Denny" comes to and escapes out the window, and Norma believes he has vanished after all - until she receives an extremely early Valentine, signed her "loving inkabust" (sic). When "Denny" comes back, Norma pretends to be prepared to sleep with him again so that he will let her tie him up. Once he is bound, however, Norma begins threatening him with various foods to which he is allergic, and gets him to admit that he is Denny's twin brother, Wally, and that Denny had talked him into killing Norma, but that he could not go through with it because he has fallen for her. Norma can relate to Denny talking people into doing things against their better judgment, so she forgives Wally for trying to kill her and falls into bed with him again (without even checking out his story first). The next day, Norma and Wally have become a de facto couple, and Norma - who has been fired from her waitressing job due to the press coverage of her involvement in Heather's kidnapping - decides that they need to find jobs. They tag along with Gwyn to Off Limits, where Norma convinces Paul to hire Wally, claiming that he is an experienced blackjack dealer, and then attempts to distract the pit boss so that he will not notice that Wally knows nothing about the game.