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Video Captures
Page Four: Circa Winter 1990-91

After getting Wally hired, Norma returns to her own job hunt - by attempting to horn in on Gwyn's singing gig at Off Limits. After Norma upstages her, Gwyn blows a lot of smoke at Norma about what she will do to Norma if she ever does anything like that again, but their friendship does not appear to suffer (I guess if Gwyn can forgive Norma for helping kidnap her granddaughter, common backstabbing is nothing in comparison). After both Norma and Wally's job prospects at Off Limits fall through, they are reduced to retrieving snacks from the vending machine (and coffee from the coffee maker) for gratuities for the patrons of the cafeteria at Gwyn's family's company, while wearing ridiculous uniforms. The Aldens allow them to do this because of Norma's friendship with Gwyn. Norma and Wally's relationship hits a snag, however, after Denny threatens to do a certain something to Wally as revenge for not killing Norma - something that has Wally so terrified that he cannot perform sexually. Norma begins frantically reading self-help books to try to solve Wally's problem, and somehow decides that she must disguise herself as another woman and seduce Wally. This apparently works. On New Year's Eve, Norma and Wally decide to visit Cabot Alden, who is pretending to be comatose, in the hospital, and they end up annoying him into dropping his charade and "waking up." They then find Gwyn to tell her the "good news," and ring in the New Year together.