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One Life to Live

Video Captures
November 7-8, 2001

Viki goes to Atlantic City to pay a visit to Roxanne Balsom, to try to figure out how Allison was able to switch their babies. Viki discovers, much to her horror, that Jessica's birth mother is a white trash drunk who admittedly loves beer and the slot machines, but not her "daughter" Natalie. It turns out Allison once stayed with Roxy and her late husband for several weeks and took care of a then infant Natalie. The only difference Roxy noticed in the baby after Allison left, however, was that "Natalie" was even more bothersome than before and now Roxy was the one who had to take care of her. Roxy reveals that she doesn't think she was ever cut out to be a mother, and that she and Natalie are better off without each other. Roxy has not seen Natalie in two years, and is only interested in knowing where she is because she wants her life savings of $300 back, which Natalie stole when she left home. Viki denies knowing where Natalie is and leaves, deciding that she does not want Jessica to ever know Roxy and realizing that she feels sorry for Natalie because she ever had to.