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One Life to Live

Video Captures
November 21-22, 2001

Roxy stuns Natalie when she shows up at Llanfair, having read about Natalie being a Buchanan heiress in The Sun and claiming that she wants to support Natalie and help make sure nobody cheats her out of what is now rightfully hers. Roxy makes herself right at home, sizing up the place and availing herself of Viki's liquor cabinet. Natalie sees right through Roxy's newfound maternal instinct, however, and tells Roxy that she is nothing to her now that she has found her real family and that she will not share a dime of her inheritance with Roxy. Roxy quickly drops the motherly love act after this, and proceeds to reduce Natalie to tears by rubbing in the fact that Viki does not want her living at Llanfair and by calling her worthless. Viki walks in at this point and tells Roxy not to speak to Natalie that way ever again and orders her to leave. Roxy refuses, insisting that she has a right to meet her daughter and demanding to know where her "Little Jessie" is.

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