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One Life to Live

Video Captures
December 14, 17, and 19, 2001

Roxy tries to con Jessica with a sob story about her house being on the verge of foreclosure, but Jessica claims that even if she wanted to help Roxy, she couldn't; her trust fund now belongs to Natalie. Roxy quickly turns on Jessica upon hearing this - she tells her she is even more of a loser than Natalie, and tells her to leave. Just then, Natalie shows up, having figured out where Jessica had gone, and comes to Jessica's defense. Roxy shifts gears again and tries to suck up to Natalie for money, and leaves the room to go get a Christmas present to give to her. Just then, Roxy's seedy boyfriend arrives and makes a pass at Jessica. Natalie surprisingly comes to her defense, and after throwing him out tells Jessica all about Roxy's loser boyfriends. Roxy returns with a Christmas present for Natalie, and is happy to hear that Jessica is leaving. Natalie opens the gift despite her better judgment, and recognizes it - a scarf - as a gift she once gave to Roxy. Roxy demands that Natalie give her "mother" the money that she deserves, and Natalie does - she gives Roxy a check to repay, with interest, the money she stole when she left home. Natalie then takes great pleasure in gloating that the Buchanans would never turn their back on Jessica, and that Roxy could have gotten her hands on the money that Jessica will still inherit if she had been nice to her. Roxy retaliates by telling Natalie that Viki and the rest of the world will always see her as Roxy's daughter, and Natalie leaves determined to prove her wrong. Later, the (presumably ex-) boyfriend comes back to threaten Roxy into giving him a cut of the money he thinks she is getting from Natalie and/or Jessica, and she calls Jessica claiming to have had a change of heart and begging for a second chance. Jessica turns her down. Then, Allison calls Roxy, saying that it is time for them to talk about Roxy's daughter.

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