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One Life to Live

Video Captures
December 24, 2001

On Christmas Eve, a drunken Roxy calls Llanfair, demanding to speak to her daughter - the one with the most money. Viki angrily tells her never to call there again and hangs up on her. Next, she gets a visit from Allison, who has brought Roxy a Christmas gift. Roxy slams the door on her, but opens it again when Allison hints that the gift might be alcoholic. When Roxy observes that the box is not the right shape, Allison says it could also be a carton of cigarettes or Roxy's favorite fragrance, "Down and Dirty." Roxy's ears perk up at the mere thought, and she snatches the present from Allison and opens it, and attempts to lunge at Allison upon discovering that the box is filled with fake money. However, Allison tells Roxy that it is a promise of things to come, and assures her that she has a plan that will make them both rich. Allison and Roxy share a toast to the plan - which Allison describes as "a real doozee" - during the closing music montage, set to "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."

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