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One Life to Live

Video Captures
January 3, 2002

Roxy meets Allison at the Break Bar to discuss "the plan" - and to ask for more money, having lost $500 that Allison gave her the day before at the dog track. Allison is frustrated because Roxy does not remember any of the details they discussed, however Roxy insists she cannot continue conspiring without a beer. While she is over at the bar, she sees Allison run into Seth, and Allison later reminds Roxy that Seth is a crucial part of their plan and that it is imperative that he not know who Roxy is. Later, Allison and Roxy sneak onto the grounds of Llanfair to spy of Viki and Jessica through the window, gloating that Jessica is their "golden goose" - the key to getting their hands on the Lord/Buchanan money, and to Allison destroying Viki.