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One Life to Live

Video Captures
January 14-15, 2002

Roxy runs into Natalie while reading old newspaper articles about Jessica at a computer station in Break Bar, and Natalie laughs at Roxy's claim that she loves Jessica. Roxy begins verbally abusing Natalie once again, and Seth overhears and throws Roxy out. Later, Allison summons Roxy to meet her in the parking garage at the Palace Hotel, where Allison accosts Jessica on her way to her car, and Roxy pretends to come to her rescue, ordering Allison to keep her "grubby psycho hands" off of her daughter. Allison pretends to run away, and then Roxy admits to Jessica that she was an awful mother to Natalie and says that she came to tell Jessica that she was glad she grew up with better parents than Roxy, and now that she has, she will not bother her anymore. Roxy tearfully waves goodbye, and Jessica clearly believes what Roxy is saying on some level. After Jessica drives off, Roxy starts laughing because her act worked, and Allison comes out of hiding and congratulates Roxy on her performance, which, she says, was "very Meryl Streep." Allison then declares ominously that, despite Roxy's promise, Jessica will be seeing her birth mother again very soon.