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One Life to Live

Video Captures
January 21, 2002

Roxy barges into Llanfair just as Viki is telling Kelly about her plans to legally adopt Jessica, and declares that she cannot adopt Jessica, because Jessica already has a mother. After Viki informs Roxy that, because Jessica is an adult, she does not need Roxy's consent, Roxy quickly acquiesces and claims that she would not stop the adoption even if she could, because she cares about Jessica so much. Viki finds that hard to believe in light of Roxy's phone call to Llanfair on Christmas Eve, which Roxy claims she does not remember making. Roxy admits that she had a few drinks that night, then upon further reflection admits that she had more than a few drinks, and then comes right out and says she was "totally sloshed" and could not possibly have meant anything that she said. Not to worry, however; Roxy assures Viki that she is on the wagon now. When Viki still expresses doubt, Jessica enters and sticks up for Roxy, telling Viki about how Roxy came to her defense in the parking garage. Roxy then tells Jessica her reason for coming: to give her the baby blanket that she bought for her before she was born, and in which Jessica slept until the day Allison switched her with Natalie. Jessica really believes Roxy is sincere, but Viki is quick to show Roxy the door, and she warns her on the way out that she had better not hurt Jessica. Outside, Roxy calls Allison and brags about how easily Jessica fell for her act, and to ask her to reimburse her for the $12.99 she just paid for the blanket.