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One Life to Live

Video Captures
February 4-6, 2002

Roxy sees Blair singing at Rodi's, and accosts her and attempts to suck up to her by complimenting her performance in the hopes of getting her own singing gig, but, being drunk, Roxy ends up asking if Blair - whom she calls "Stretch" - had to sleep with the owner to get hired. While Blair is attempting to explain to Roxy that she is not a professional singer, Allison arrives and Roxy quickly runs over to her, leaving Blair hanging. Allison reminds Roxy that she has to tell Jessica about her so-called disease, and about the fact that it is genetic. Allison realizes that Roxy does not know what that means, but Roxy insists that of course she knows what "genetic" means, and asks Allison, "Do you think I could afford to buy brand names?" The next morning, Allison arrives on Roxy's doorstep dressed as a candystriper, having spent the morning impersonating an employee at an Atlantic City hospital to falsify records about Roxy's "condition." She is incensed to discover that Roxy is hung over and has spent the night with a man (the same man who made a pass at Jessica the first time she came to meet Roxy), and reminds Roxy that today is the day for Roxy to tell Jessica about her disease. For some reason, Allison insists on sticking to that schedule, even though Roxy is obviously not in the best shape for subterfuge, and Roxy calls Jessica to ask her to come to Atlantic City, because she has something really important to tell her. Allison threatens Roxy about what she will do to her if she screws the plan up. Allison is still cleaning up when Jessica arrives, and because Roxy apparently does not have a back door (or even a window through which Allison can exit) she must hide in the other room when Roxy lets Jessica in. Roxy tells Jessica that she is very sick, and that she "might not make it," and that, while she would not normally drag Jessica into her problems, she had to tell Jessica because she could be sick as well. Roxy claims that she has problems with her blood sugar level, and shows Jessica her medical report. Jessica is sure that her condition is treatable, but Roxy ever so subtly reveals that she has no medical insurance, which causes Jessica to be visibly concerned. Jessica calls Roxy her mother and admits that she does care about her. After Jessica leaves, Allison is exasperated when Roxy immediately starts eating chocolate, and warns her that she should be staying in character, so to speak. After their disagreement, however, they gloat about how quickly Jessica fell for it, and Allison predicts that Jessica is on her way to the ATM machine as they speak.