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One Life to Live

Video Captures
February 12-14, 2002

Viki's maid calls Roxy, who is with Allison. She says that Jessica wants her to come to Llanfair in an hour. Roxy says she will be there on time, "even if it kills me." They arrive at Llanfair and Allison reminds Roxy one last time that her symptoms are supposed to be blurred vision and numbness (which would seemingly indicate that Roxy's vague blood sugar problem is supposed to be diabetes, except they go on to discuss their expectation that Jessica will believe that Roxy will need a million dollars for her treatment???). Allison leaves Roxy on her own and goes to lurk at the window, and when the maid answers the door, Roxy pretends to mistake her for Jessica. She is then taken off-guard when she finds out that Jessica has asked Ben to talk with them about Roxy's condition. Ben tells Roxy the good news that Jessica has been tested and is healthy, and wonders aloud why Roxy didn't ask about that immediately, since she is so concerned about Jessica. Roxy claims that her blood sugar must be affecting her memory. Ben, who does not believe Roxy is really sick at all, says that he thinks she should get a second opinion. Roxy says that she cannot afford another doctor, but Ben tells her that luckily she can go to the hospital's new free clinic. This leaves Roxy no excuse not to let them take her to the hospital, where a disguised Allison follows, and comes out of hiding the first chance she gets to tell Roxy to do whatever it takes not to let them take her blood. Roxy pretends to faint when she sees the needle, and Ben finally literally holds her down to take her blood. Allison then frantically begins asking random patients about their conditions, in the hopes of finding a blood sample with which she can switch Roxy's. Allison does not get a chance to tell Roxy whether or not she was able to switch the blood when Ben comes back with the preliminary test results, but Roxy is relieved when he tells her that the tests indicate a very serious case of hypoglycemia,. He says she must come back tomorrow for more tests. Before leaving, Jessica promises Roxy that she will help her with her medical bills, but warns Roxy that she will probably have to make some major lifestyle changes. Roxy and Allison share their relief that everything worked out after they are gone, until Allison nonchalantly reveals that there is a "small" problem: She was unable to switch blood samples, so as it turns out Roxy really is sick. "Talk about luck," Allison declares.