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One Life to Live

Video Captures
February 19-20, 2002

As Jessica is just about to sign the papers to be adopted by Viki at a family party at Llanfair to celebrate the occasion, Roxy once again barges into the house without any of the servants stopping her, begging Jessica not to do it. After several cliffhangers, however, she reveals that she only meant that she wanted Jessica to wait to sign the papers until she could capture the moment on film, and pulls out a disposable camera. Jessica then signs the paper and legally becomes a Buchanan. After that is over, Roxy wants to have champagne to celebrate, but Jessica reminds her that she cannot drink because of her condition. Roxy then reveals that she has decided not to get treatment and that she is thinking of moving away. Jessica is very upset to hear this, and tells Roxy that she will come visit her as soon as the party is over to try to talk her out of it. Roxy then leaves, and on the way out Asa warns her not to mess with his family, and Natalie - who is sure that Roxy's illness is a scam - echoes that warning. Once outside, Roxy calls Allison and tells her that Jessica fell for it.