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One Life to Live

Video Captures
March 5-8, 2002

Evidently, Roxy's visit with Jessica after the adoption party - a visit which, if it happened at all, must have happened off-screen - convinced Roxy to stick around and get treatment, and on the eve of her next important hospital visit, Viki knocks on her door unexpectedly while Roxy is with Allison. Allison hides and Roxy lets Viki in. Viki has come to give Roxy Jessica's written medical history, and Roxy is clearly disappointed because she was convinced when Viki gave her an envelope that it contained a check. Allison calls Roxy from the other room and tells her to get rid of Viki. When she is gone, Allison expresses her concern for Roxy's neglect of her health - she is worried that Roxy will not live long enough to get Jessica to fork over the money. The next day at the hospital, Ben tells Roxy her condition is more serious than they thought and gives her prescriptions, which Roxy not so subtly complains about being unable to afford. Jessica gives Roxy a check to pay for the prescriptions, against Ben's advice, and later when Allison stops by Roxy's house later she finds Roxy using the money to place bets on horse races with her bookie. Allison is excited when Roxy tells her that Jessica has given her a lot of money, until she discovers what Roxy considers to be a lot of money: a thousand dollars. Allison warns Roxy to make Jessica think she is doing what the doctors have told her to do, and to bleed more money out of Jessica. No sooner does she leave, however, when Jessica shows up and finds Roxy drinking and smoking. Roxy becomes defensive and tells Jessica that no one gives her orders, and Jessica tells her that she will not be giving her anymore money and leaves. When Allison comes back and finds out what has happened, she makes various vague threats about what happens to people who double-cross her, and orders Roxy to make up with Jessica. After Allison is gone, Jessica comes back again, feeling bad about their fight. Roxy apologizes for squandering her medication money and says that what she really needs, more than medical care, is to pull her life together and get a job, and convinces Jessica to give her $10,000 to do that.