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One Life to Live

Video Captures
May 13-16, 2002
Live Week

Roxy goes to Las Vegas and happens to end up at the same casino at which the Llanview college crowd is fighting for their lives against a deranged Elvis impersonator (I jest not). First, Roxy encounters Al (whom she calls "Legs," because of his recent paralysis-faking scam) and manages to extort money from him so that she will not give Jenn a "ringy-ding" and tell her that Al is stalking her. Then Roxy meets up with Natalie, and while verbally abusing her ex-daughter she lets it slip that Al is in the casino. Then Roxy meets up with Cristian and tries to get more money by telling him that Al has followed him and Jenn, but it doesn't work. Then she runs into Max (or "Maximillion" or "Maxy," as she alternately calls him) and tempts him to gamble again. Meanwhile, she is trying to get free drinks, but the waitress keeps eluding her. Max, however, is having no trouble getting drinks. Max tries to explain that he has a gambling addiction and has to avoid temptation, but Roxy thinks "addiction" is just a label people like to put on anything you do that is fun. By most people's standards, she points out, she has a gambling addiction, an alcohol addiction, and a smoking addiction. Now they say there's even such a thing as a sex addiction and, says Roxy, "I think I wanna try that one next." Max, meanwhile, upset about his falling out with Al, is getting drunker by the minute. The next morning, Max wakes up, hung over, to see Roxy's clothes strewn all over his hotel room. Apprehensively, he looks under the covers to see who is there, and is confused when he doesn't see anyone, until Roxy pops up from under the covers at the foot of the bed. He screams in horror. She then crawls under the covers to the head of the bed - while Max looks as if it is a deadly snake crawling on him - and lies in his arms. In the next scene, Max is out of bed getting dressed, trying to tell Roxy that last night was a mistake and he cannot remember any of it, but all she can talk about is how great their sex was. In an attempt to refresh his memory, she flashes him, much to his horror. Max is very confused when room service brings up a bottle of champagne, at which point Roxy shows him a wedding ring on her finger and tells him that they got married! Max looks at his own finger and sees an identical ring, and promptly faints.