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One Life to Live

Video Captures
May 20-22, 2002

Max does not believe that he and Roxy are really married, so she brings him to the minister who performed the ceremony. He and his wife, Juanita, not only confirm that they presided over their top-of-the-line "Venetian fantasy" wedding, but that there is a tape of the ceremony, which Max and Roxy were in too much of a hurry to start their honeymoon to wait for after the wedding. They all watch the tape. During the ceremony, Max is so drunk that he keeps looking up to find his hat whenever it falls off - the same hat which he thinks makes him look like Abe Lincoln, prompting him to say, "Four score and seven years ago," when the minister first tells him to start his vows. Nevertheless, Max makes it through the ceremony (during which we learn that Roxy's middle name is "Louise," of all things), and after they kiss Roxy forces the only ring that the minister and Juanita have left - which is too small for Max - onto his finger. After watching the tape, Roxy cries over how beautiful the ceremony was, while Max attempts in vain to pry the ring off his finger. Later, Max tells Roxy that the marriage was a mistake and says he wants to get a divorce right away, and is surprised at how calmly she reacts to the suggestion - until she shows him their prenuptual agreement. She explains that Juanita got her a lawyer who drew up a prenup promising Roxy half a million dollars a year if Max leaves her, which he signed. Max makes plans to fly back to Llanview right away and calls Nora to have her meet him there about getting him out of the marriage, but Roxy manages to get the seat next to his on the flight. At the airport, they run into Natalie, Cristian, Jenn and Al, all of whom are stunned to learn that Max has married Roxy. Upon realizing that "Legs" is Max's son and now her stepson, Roxy says, "Come to Mama!" and hugs him, much to his chagrin.