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One Life to Live

Video Captures
June 25-26, 2002

Roxy attempts to get into the Llanview Country Club as Max's wife, but the snooty manager informs her that there is no Mrs. Holden listed in their registry. Jessica overhears Roxy throwing Viki's name around to try to get in and assumes Roxy is lying and comes over to tell her off, not knowing that Roxy and Viki/Nikki are actually co-conspirators. When Roxy goes to Break Bar to demand that Max add her to his country club membership, he shocks her by acting as though he wants to make love to her. At first, she thinks that she must have something in her teeth because of the way he is looking at her, but then he flatters her with ridiculously over-the-top Petrarchan conceits. Roxy, of course, bungles her responses (i.e. when he tells her that her hair is like spun gold, she points out that it is fool's good). He convinces her to go home and get ready to make love, promising to meet her there, and then he sends her ex, Greevy, whom he has tracked down, to seduce her, so that he can get a divorce on the grounds of adultery. However, Roxy refuses Greevy, who will not take no for an answer. Max gets a picture that looks incriminating, but then against reluctantly intervenes to save Roxy from being raped by Greevy, putting down the camera first. While Max is throwing Greevy out, Roxy finds the camera and realizes what Max is up to. When Max returns, he gloats that he has the evidence he needs to divorce her without paying alimony, until Roxy produces the film and destroys it in front of him, promising that he will not get out of their marriage.