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One Life to Live

Video Captures
July 11, 2002

In the hospital chapel, Viki/Nikki is praying that Ben will die when Roxy bursts in. Viki/Nikki tells her to be quiet, which prompts Roxy to warn her that no one tells Roxanne Holden to be quiet. She then notices her surroundings and is surprised that the room looks like a church. When Viki/Nikki informs her that the hospital does indeed have a chapel, an incredulous Roxy wonders aloud about what they will think of next and inquires about whether or not there is a hospital bar. Roxy laughs hysterically when Viki/Nikki tells her to pray, and then when she realizes Viki/Nikki is serious she asks what she is praying for. Viki/Nikki informs her that her husband is "this close" to dying and that is why they need to pray, without specifying for which outcome they are really praying. Roxy fails to understand what Ben's fate has to do with her, but when Viki/Nikki seems insistent that she pray, she agrees, saying that she is willing to try anything once. While Roxy is praying, Viki/Nikki subtly hits her up for an alibi for the time of Ben's fall. When Viki/Nikki tells Roxy to say that she ran into her at the nursery, Roxy is doubtful that anyone would buy that Roxy would go to a nursery school, given her well-known hatred of children. However, Viki/Nikki explains that there is another kind of nursery, where one can buy plants and flowers. Roxy is happy to provide an alibi, in exchange for an invitation to a "fancy schmancy" golf party at the country club.